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Mission Statement: To continually improve and offer outstanding service and products to all size and types of business and individuals along with the most competitive prices. 

Welcome to our all new and improved website! we are very pleased that you have taken time out of your busy schedule to visit us and review the items we have to offer. 

Ezoffice123.com was started in 2013 as a response to the needs of Canadian and American consumers looking for a Easy and efficient way to order office furniture and acccessories online. Initially we started with our sister site, www.wholesaleofficeinteriors.com and developed ezoffice123 to sell just new furniture while W.O.I handles used items, such as cubicle systems like Teknion and Haworth and Steelecase. Launched from our office in Quebec, we set out to change the office furniture landscape by offering items that other companies did not carry and servicing demographics other would not see worthwhile. We at EZOffice123 strive to assist the many and various small business and start-ups that our the engine of the Canadian and American economies. Whether its an office chair, Reception desk, or a book shelf, you can rest asured EzOffice123 will get it to you an a timely manner at a great price. We are based in Canada and operate here to service the needs of our growing Business population. We are constantly looking new and unique items for our customers and constantly trying to imporve our transportation solutions. As we continue to expand, we never fail to loose sight of where we started. Our motto is based on the concept of Kaizen, which means simply, " continous daily improvement " 

I would like to thankyou once again and would appreciate any input or insights you may have so that we can continue to offer great products and services at great prices.

The EZOffice123.com Team